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Nonya Heritage Kitchen

Publisher: Landmark Books
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  • The Peranakan or Baba and Nonya culture is the result of intermarriage, from the 15th century, between Chinese immigrants and the local population of Indonesia and Malaya.The resulting fusion of cuisines, however, is not just of China and the Southeast Asian archipelago, but also from Portugal, the Netherlands and England, as well as the places they colonized.Nonya Heritage Kitchen brings together the stories of how popular food, cooking techniques, ingredients and utensils from these spheres of influence interacted to create Nonya cuisine.This telling is via the background and recipes of both well-known and rare dishes such as Bak Chang, Rempah Udang, Sugee Cake, Kiam Chai Ark, Kuih Bahulu, Cheek Bee Soh, Sesargon, and Kuih Koci. Also included is a list of stores and online shops for Nonya kitchen utensils.Here is an extraordinary and practical cookbook that reveals new information about the wide-spread and global roots of Nonya food.

  • Dr Ong Jin Teong is the author of Penang Heritage Food. The first edition of his book was sold out within a year and was re-printed several times. His book gives a Nonya perspective of traditional Penang dishes. Hence there are chapters on the two dominant Malay and Hokkien influences on Penang Heritage Food as well as Thai and South Indian Influences. The latter two influences distinguish Penang Nonya food from that from Singapore and Melaka. His book also gives an insight into the Hainanese and English influences on Penang Heritage food.

    Jin Teong was born Penang into a Nonya family. He was exposed to cooking at home at an early age. His mother gave cooking demonstrations to the members of the Penang YWCA and the MGS Old Girls' Association. He went to London to study Electrical Engineering in 1963, where he extended his range of cooking. Dr Ong is a retired professor from the Nanyang Technological University's College of Engineering

ISBN: 9789814189682
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 276
Year Published: 2016