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Local delivery is $1.50, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!
Local delivery is $1.50, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!


  • going home


    Praise About the Poet "As a sequence, going home unfolds with a mixture of astonishing technical assurance and intense personal and physical ...

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  • My Favourite Recipes

    My Favourite Recipes


    Description About the Author First published in 1952 and the subject of numerous reprints and editions, this cookbook is an acclaimed classic a...

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  • Daily Nonya Dishes


    Description About the Author This cookbook gives recipes for the food that Babas and Nonyas of old ate for their breakfast, lunch, dinner and i...

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  • Our Favourite Recipes

    Our Favourite Recipes


    Description About the Author This book is a completely new edition of the out-of-print Methodist Girls’ School centenary publication of 1987. D...

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  • Written Country -

    Written Country


    Description About the Editor Written Country intriguingly reconstructs the history of modern Singapore through fifty defining moments from the ...

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  • Soul's Festival

    Soul's Festival


    Description About the Poet This collection brings together in one volume, the author’s first four volumes of poetry which have long been out of...

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  • This Floating World


    Description About the Author More haikus by popular demand from Singapore's bestselling poet. In this bumper volume of 392 haikus, Gwee commen...

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  • Little Pioneers
    Sold out

    Little Pioneers


    Description Praise About the Author Chun lives in a shophouse on Telok Ayer Street where bullock carts and rickshaws clatter by. Her blissful l...

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  • Wine with Asian Food

    Wine with Asian Food


    Description The definitive guide to pairing wine with Asian food, this book presents a systematic approach you can use to make matches with pan...

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  • The Babas

    The Babas


    Description This fourth edition of the social history of the Babas and Nonya makes the seminal work by Felix Chia available again after being l...

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  • Chinese Etiquette -

    Chinese Etiquette


    Description About the Author Chinese Etiquette prevents faux pas by teaching gift-giving, seating arrangements, communal dining and auspicious ...

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  • Twin Cities

    Twin Cities


    Description Praise About the Editors The twin cinema, created by Singapore poet Yeow Kai Chai, is a rigid, yet spectacular poetic form that mix...

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  • Soya & Spice Cookbook

    Soya & Spice Cookbook


    Description Praise About the Author The famous street food and home cooking of Singapore is presented in a unique way in this cookbook. Jo Mari...

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  • Short Circuits

    Short Circuits


    Description About the Author This collection of occasional reflections is a first by one of Singapore’s most distinguished poets. Exploring how...

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  • Japanese Etiquette

    Japanese Etiquette


    Description About the Author Japanese Etiquette delves in to details from bowing, sitting on tatami, drinking sake from a masu, coping with unf...

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  • Indian Etiquette

    Indian Etiquette


    Description About the Author Indian Etiquette cover key aspects of the rich culture, from gift-giving, presenting a garland, eating with finger...

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