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Local delivery is now $4, up to 5kg, FREE if the order exceeds $50!

Culture & Heritage

  • Chinese Pastry School


    Description About the Author Look Inside the Book A comprehensive resource that introduces readers to key techniques of Chinese pastry- and des...

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  • Bhutan Travelog


    Description About the Authors Until recently, Bhutan has been relatively unknown. In many minds, it is a mystical secluded place. Nonetheless...

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  • 《星洲星光——现代旅人手记》章星虹



    Description Praise Shortlisted for Singapore Literature Prize 2018, Creative Non-Fiction 南来文化人与这个南洋小岛,有过一段怎样的生命交集因缘? 在新加坡这个现代都会,还有哪些几为人们遗忘的文化历史...

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  • 建构南洋儿童:战后新马华语儿童刊物及文化研究 徐兰君 李丽丹 主编



    Description “儿童”是建构历史和文化的重要概念及方法。 本论文集以战后新马地区出版和发行的儿童期刊以及教科书等为主要研究对象,结合口述采访、本地书局历史和原始档案资料,在将“南洋儿童”概念历史化的同时,重点分析其发展变化与本地区新兴的反殖民话语、民族国家的兴起、新马与香港之...

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  • Western Etiquette

    Western Etiquette


    Description About the Author Western Etiquette covers the essential of presenting oneself, from issuing and replying to formal invitations, dea...

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  • 舞台亮起 -



    Description 本书是柯思仁博士在《联合早报》副刊的专栏文章,作为文化、剧场和表演的研究学者,他期许以剧场和现实互为隐喻的方式,书写剧场给予的启示,现实产生的冲击,并以写散文的精力来经营。这三十二篇散文是作者在三十二幕特定空间与时间框架里当下的启发和感受。 原本在黑漆漆的观众席...

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  • The Babas

    The Babas


    Description This fourth edition of the social history of the Babas and Nonya makes the seminal work by Felix Chia available again after being l...

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  • The Asian Modern

    The Asian Modern


    Description About the Author How does one comprehend the phenomenon of the modernization of an Asian society in a globalized East Asian context...

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  • Song Dynasty Tales

    Song Dynasty Tales


    Description About the Authors Together with the noted Tang dynasty tales, Song dynasty tales have long been highly valued and widely read in th...

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  • S R Nathan

    S R Nathan


    Description Few people have watched the development of today's Singapore as closely as President S.R. Nathan, who celebrated his 90th birthday ...

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  • Our Lives to Live

    Our Lives to Live


    Description About the Editors Our Lives to Live: Putting a Woman's Face to Change in Singapore explores and documents how women's roles, choice...

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  • Our Favourite Recipes

    Our Favourite Recipes


    Description About the Author This book is a completely new edition of the out-of-print Methodist Girls’ School centenary publication of 1987. D...

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