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Local delivery is now $4, up to 5kg, FREE if the order exceeds $50!
Local delivery is now $4, up to 5kg, FREE if the order exceeds $50!

Science & Technology

  • 100 Years of Relativity

    100 Years of Relativity

    from $99.00

    Description Thanks to Einstein’s theories on relativity, our notions of space and time have undergone profound revisions. Since then, the resul...

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  • Scientific Writing

    Scientific Writing


    Description Given that scientific material can be hard to comprehend, sustained attention and memory retention become major reader challenges. ...

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  • ABC of Physics

    ABC of Physics


    Description Translated from Russian by Vitaly Kisin This little book concentrates on the foundations of modern physics (its "ABC's") and its mo...

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  • Achieving the Rare

    Achieving the Rare


    Description About the Author Robert F Christy was a legendary physicist, one of the key players in some of the most dramatic events of the 20th...

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  • 《中国超大型对撞机之讨论》(卷一) 主编 潘国驹 何华 孙晗



    Description 过去的几个月内,中国科学界一直在讨论中国现在是否应该建造昂贵的超大型对撞机。杨振宁、戴维·格罗斯(David J.Gross),爱德华·威滕 (Edward Witten),丘成桐、王贻芳等都就此事阐述了自己的观点。 此书是关于是否应该建造昂贵的超大型对撞机的第...

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