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From Kilts to Sarongs

Publisher: Landmark Books
  • Description
  • Farquhar, Crawford, Cavenagh, Thomson, Anderson, Napier, Fullerton, Henderson, MacRitchie, MacPherson, Outram, Purvis, Spottiswoode. These are some of the Scots who have played a part in making Singapore.

    Guthrie, Fraser & Neave, Rodyk & Davidson, Sime Darby, Swan & Maclaren, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Straits Trading Company. These are just a few of the numerous companies with Scottish founders who continue to play an active role in the economy of Singapore.

    The old Parliament House, Raffles Institution, Raffles Hotel, Stamford House, Goodwood Park Hotel, Cairnhill, Horsburgh Lighthouse, MacDonald House. All these places and more have Scottish connections in
    one way or another.

    Written in a popular style, this book tells the story of the Scots – administrators, engineers, traders and various professionals – who helped to develop early Singapore and lay some of the foundations for its undoubted
    growth and success.

    The first book on the subject, it appeals to not only the large Scottish community in Singapore, but also all who are interested in the history and heritage of Singapore. Clearly, an essential addition to all library shelves.

ISBN: 9789814189651
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 160
Year Published: 2015