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Baba Folk Beliefs and Superstitions

Publisher: Landmark Books
  • Description
  • How does a nonya use a yam stalk to control the sexual powers of her wayward baba? Why are Baba children never given sugarcane to chew at twilight? What does it mean if a baba has five hairs growing from a mole on his face?

    The answer to these and other fascinating details of Baba folk beliefs and superstitions are told here. Wake with a Baba family and observe their daily rituals and taboos. Gain insight into their world of symbols. Witness the ancient Wangkang ceremonies. Stand on the fringes of their spiritual realms. Enjoy the humour of their cheeky folk wisdom.

    Well flavoured with memorable anecdotes, this book reveals the pantang (superstition) and pertua (folk wisdom) ensconced in the traditional Baba mind..

ISBN: 9789814189842
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 156
Year Published: 2018