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21st Century Global Health Diplomacy

  • Description
  • Global health diplomacy begins with a recognition that the most effective international health interventions are carried out with sensitivity to historical, political, social, economic, and cultural differences. It focuses on the interplay of globalisation, economic interdependence, social justice, and the enlightened self-interest of nations. Global health diplomacy can help sustain peace and economic stability in a globalised world, but the skills necessary for this endeavour are not taught in the standard health sciences curricula or in Foreign Service academies.

    However, they have a direct bearing on the success of international health cooperation. Global health diplomacy can be a critical pathway to assure good global governance and improved international relations among the great powers and between these powers and the developing world. It can be a mechanism to avert conflict and to augment health, peace, solidarity, economic progress, and multinational cooperation.

ISBN: 9789814355155
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 356
Year Published: 2013