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Local delivery is $1.50, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!
Local delivery is $1.50, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!

Computing & IT

  • Acupuncture Understood

    Acupuncture Understood

    from S$36.00

    Description Very little has been written on acupuncture and the Oriental medical view of health for the lay person in recent years. Even less h...

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  • A Passion for Life

    A Passion for Life

    from S$33.00

    Description About the Author This is a biography of Dr Felicia Wu. Felicia was a scientist with a successful career in cancer research, but wha...

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  • Simulating Copulas

    Simulating Copulas


    Description About the Authors The book provides the background on simulating copulas and multivariate distributions in general. It unifies the ...

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  • Sets and Computations

    Sets and Computations


    Description The contents in this volume are based on the program Sets and Computations that was held at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences...

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  • Computational Physics

    Computational Physics


    Description This book is divided into two parts. In the first part we give an elementary introduction to computational physics consisting of 21...

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  • A Course in Analysis

    A Course in Analysis


    Description In this third volume of "A Course in Analysis", two topics indispensible for every mathematician are treated: Measure and Integrati...

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  • Saving Ourselves

    Saving Ourselves


    Description About the Editor Sustainability is going to be one of the most important issues of the coming decades. For the first time, institut...

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  • Economic Freedom

    Economic Freedom


    Description About the Author Hong Kong has been one of the fastest growing East Asian economies since the end of the Second World War. The adop...

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  • The Subprime Crisis

    The Subprime Crisis


    Description About the Author The first major global economic contraction of the 21st century, or the "Great Recession", as it is more commonly ...

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  • The Langevin Equation

    The Langevin Equation


    Description About the Authors Our original objective in writing this book was to demonstrate how the concept of the equation of motion of a Bro...

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