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Local delivery is $1.50, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!

Computing & IT

  • Star Formation

    Star Formation


    Description This book provides a modern introduction to the study of star formation, at a level suitable for graduate students or advanced unde...

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  • Semantic Computing


    Description As the first volume of World Scientific Encyclopedia with Semantic Computing and Robotic Intelligence, this volume is designed to l...

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  • Seeking Adam Smith

    Seeking Adam Smith


    Description About the Author The Dean of Harvard Business School, Nithin Nohria, declared that, "The public has lost trust in business, and som...

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  • Quantum Field Theory

    Quantum Field Theory


    Description The matter in our universe is composed of electrons and quarks. The dynamics of electrons and quarks is described by the Standard M...

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  • Patterns Of The Future

    Patterns Of The Future


    Description Patterns of the Future explains the current world using the theory of long-term development waves (Kondratiev waves). Markku Wileni...

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  • Open Innovation

    Open Innovation


    Description About the Editor What is the profile to excel and lead in an open innovation environment, within and across organizational boundari...

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  • Neuroprosthetics



    Description This is an updated and abridged edition of the original volume published in 2004. Like its predecessor it is targeted for students ...

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  • Neutrino Astronomy

    Neutrino Astronomy


    Description This review volume is motivated by the recent discovery of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos by IceCube. The aim of the book is t...

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  • Molecular Electronics

    Molecular Electronics


    Description Molecular Electronics is self-contained and unified in its presentation. It can be used as a textbook on nanoelectronics by graduat...

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  • Mind Computation

    Mind Computation


    Description Mind computation is a hot topic of intelligence science. It is explored by computing to explain the theoretical basis of human inte...

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  • Microfinance In Asia

    Microfinance In Asia


    Description About the Authors Lack of credit access is severe in low income and poor families that are normally considered to have fewer opport...

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  • Microbial Biomass

    Microbial Biomass


    Description Microbial Biomass informs readers of the ongoing global revolution in understanding soil and ecosystem microbial processes. The fir...

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