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Doing the Write Thing: Robin Leong

Doing the Write Thing: Robin Leong

If you're a Singaporean who grew up in the 1990s, then you most probably would recognise Robin Leong as the famous actor who has starred in countless of local television shows, including cop drama, Triple Nine, and kung fu thriller, The Challenge.

Now, he has carved a successful career as the founder of Ch'i Life Studio, which conducts martial arts classes for children and parents. His passion for teaching martial arts to the young ones naturally led him to start writing children's books.

His debut book, The Kung Fu Force and the Tower of Doom, is his labour of love. Here, he shares his inspiration and hopes he has for his new book.

What was the inspiration behind this book? The main inspiration for the book has been about 10 years in the making. When my first son was born, I wanted to write a children’s book series that could inspire and entertain him.

The members of the Kung Fu Force are so cute! What made you decide to cast various animals as its members instead of human characters? Initially, the idea was to have real kids as the main characters; but it was apparent from my test audience (my two boys!) that it was cooler to have them as animals who transform into awesome strong heroes!

What are some of your favourite kung fu moves? A favourite kung fu move of mine is the art of confidence through hard work and dedication. It's kind of like the art of fighting—without fighting. When you put in the hard work and training, you always feel ready and confident in anything and everything you do.

What made you decide to become a children's book author?
I’ve always had a special connection with children from a young age, so becoming a children’s book author isn’t a surprise to me. Business and kung fu have also always been a big part of my life as well. So the funny thing is that being an actor was probably the most surprising transition of all—as my initial reason for being in Singapore (back in 1997) was just to invest in real estate here!

What do you hope this book will inspire in children? My hope is that this book series will inspire and teach young kids of all ages about respect, dedication and perseverance; and that if you believe you can achieve greatness, you can make it happen through hard work. Starting good healthy habits from a young age is very important in the development of each child!

Could you give us a little sneak peek into the next book in the series?
All I can share is that the series will touch on different subjects from school to everyday life situations. Each book will include inspirational quotes that will give special meaning to each theme (or moral) of the story. I’m very excited about the series and it is my hope that it will inspire both kids and parents alike!

Pick up your copy of The Kung Fu Force and the Tower of Doom.

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