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The (Unofficial) Guide to Starting School Right

  • Description
  • Feeling scared or unsure about how to cope in a new school environment? Finding a way to start things right (again)? Fear not! Help is here... this book! It comprises of strategies for every aspect of school that you or your child needs to know to cope with the new environment easily and effectively; excel in it too.

    To make learning fun and memorable, it also includes fun stories, comics, interesting quotes, a board game and much more. This makes preparation for school much more palatable for you and your child. After the launch of Andrea's The (Unofficial) Emaths Textbook, this book is next in the 'Unofficial Series', targeted at helping children to cope in a new school environment, especially those primary school leavers preparing for secondary school.

ISBN: 9789811147289
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 155
Year Published: 2017