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The Forest Fable

By: Gelyn Ong
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  • In this enchanting fable of a forest and the myriad creatures that call it home, 8-year-old artist Gelyn Ong paints a lyrical portrait of nature in harmony. But when a lumberjack arrives on the scene, the animals find themselves in danger of losing their home. Through a series of intricate and beautifully painted scenes, the animals come face to face with the lumberjack - will the trees that give them food and shelter be chopped down? This is the remarkable debut of a young artist to watch out for. With a maturity and vision beyond her years, Gelyn Ong captures the forest in moving detail, offering a persuasive case for conserving the earth's shared resources.

  • Team leader Gelyn Ong is a 15-year-old child artist whose creative efforts are inspired by her interest in and passion for the natural environment. She started art at the tender age of two and since then, she has shown her compassion by helping the less fortunate. Her paintings and illustrations have raised more than S$800,000 for various charities. In addition, Gelyn has been appointed as WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Singapore's Young Ambassador since 2012. Gelyn's first illustrated book, The Forest Fable, published in June 2013 has won several awards and has also been translated into other languages such as Chinese and Vietnamese.

ISBN: 9789814408561
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 64
Year Published: 2013