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The Earth In Our Bones

By: Marc Nair
Publisher: Landmark Books
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  • “If you do not love your body, then who?”

    Marc Nair in The Earth in Our Bones – his eleventh collection – presents a series of poems and photographs that move from smaller sites of race and personal identity to societal fractures and wider notions of belonging and navigating urban and natural space.

    Whether musing on water bottles as an offering in an ancient temple or a series of poems that create an afterlife from found objects, there is an awareness of loss, lament and longing, an acknowledgment of the lands within each of us.

  • Marc Nair PhD is an educator, poet and multidisciplinary artist. He exhibits photographs, text-based video art, performs spoken word and collaborates with graphic artists, photographers, dancers and visual artists. Text and image are deeply interwoven in Nair’s practice. In it, the verbal and the visual occupy spaces that imply, or offer, the presence of an iterative self. The net result is dialogic, a back-and-forth where the gaze travels between the two, instinctively searching for connections and new ways of telling. The Earth In Our Bones is Nair’s eleventh collection.

ISBN: 9789811873867
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 136
Year Published: 2023
Size: 130mm x 195mm