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The Community Cat Chronicles 3: Further adventures of the kittens from Avenue 1

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  • Description

  • Satu, Dua and Tiga have spent their entire kittenhood together on Avenue 1 but their mother, Theodora Tuxedo, toughened from an early life on the streets, is anxious for them to each find their own way in the world, worried they’ve become too pampered as ‘house’ cats.

    The siblings have become part of the community and can’t understand the hurry (or need) to leave, since they’ve made dear friends with neighbourhood felines and various other species. As they quickly approach the time they become officially ‘cats’ and no longer kittens, their human family also worry the chances of finding them forever homes will diminish.

    Based on genuine experiences and observations of real cats and "two leggeds", The Community Cat Chronicles 3 are the continuing stories of Avenue 1.

ISBN: 9789815009330
Year Published: 2022