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Stranger To My World

Publisher: Landmark Books
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  • 153,000 foreign construction workers - 47% - were infected by COVID-19 in Singapore.

    MD Sharif Uddin gives voice to their experience through his personal diary of 2020 which records honest details of the anxieties, uncertainties, frustrations – and longings – faced by himself and his migrant brothers. Dormitory life, hospitalisation, quarantine in community care facilities and the aid rendered by kind Singaporeans give searing insight into the sacrifices of those who helped to build Singapore, their Dream City.

  • "Sharif’s sense of sacrifice and devotion to others… is also the lens through which he sees the world…. It is the very basis of what he has done in (his) books, which is to welcome us into his world – hardly an easy one – with the conviction that his writing will be a source of comfort and change. If you are holding this book, that welcome is extended to you too, with all the possibilities it brings. So read on, then. Don’t be a stranger."
    –Theophilus Kwek, from the Introduction

  • Md Sharif Uddin is a writer and migrant worker from Bangladesh. His collection of diary entries and poems, Stranger to Myself, chronicles the heartache, burdens and memories of his time working in Singapore, winning best non-fiction title in the 2018 Singapore Book Awards. He also participated in the Singapore Writers Festival in 2017 and 2018, and the 2018 Singapore Poetry Festival. 

ISBN: 9789811804823
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 274
Year Published: 2021
Size: 130mm x 195mm