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Singapore Chronicles: Energy

PART OF Singapore Chronicles SERIES
Publisher: Straits Times Press
  • Description
  • About the Series
  • Singapore Chronicles: Energy examines the evolving growth of Singapore's energy use and manufacturing.

    Starting with a condensed history of the beginnings of Singapore’s oil industry since 1870, this book describes how Singapore emerged by the early 1980s as the “East of Suez” hub for oil refining, petrochemicals manufacturing and trading, and an important supplier of offshore vessels, equipment and services for the oil and gas industries in Southeast Asia and beyond. By then, it had also consolidated its position as the oil price discovery centre for the Asia-Pacific time zone, attaining an importance to global oil markets comparable to New York and London. Critical policy issues facing government planners in energy security, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are also discussed to inform the reader of the key issues related to the story of oil in Singapore.

  • To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s Independence, the Institute of Policy Studies and Straits Times Press jointly launched the Singapore Chronicles series in 2015.

    This 50-volume series seeks to record, explain and offer insights into what makes Singapore, Singapore. Covering a wide range of subjects, from the philosophical to the mundane, the fundamental to the practical, these Singapore Chronicles titles include Constitution, Presidency, Housing, Transport, Demography, CPF, Sports and Food. Each volume in this series will serve as a primer on the subject.

    Written by leading experts, they will focus on key aspects of the subject, providing analysis as well as a historical account. Readers will gain an insight into what makes Singapore tick and also why it has chosen certain “paths un-trodden”.

ISBN: 9789814747318
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 108
Year Published: 2016
Size: 196mm x 129mm (P)
Language: English