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By: Gabby Tye
Publisher: Bubbly Books
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    Stay Safe. I’ve hidden the answer in you. You are the key to everything. Her mother’s last message to her doesn’t 
    explain anything. What is she supposed to do? Where is she expected to go?

    Only one thing is clear – it is time to stop lying to her friends, not when so much is at stake. Not when things are getting crazier. Someone is sending more soldiers after them. The Eaters are changing and always hungry. Her abilities are growing in strange ways. Food is running out. And she’s still desperately torn between the boy who was – literally – made for her, and the boy who helped her laugh and find herself.

    As they get closer to figuring out the clues, their optimism is shattered when one of their group dies unexpectedly. Wracked by guilt and grief, the group takes to running again. In the hopes of finding some answers, in the hopes 
    of finding some peace, they run.


  • Gabby Tye is a Veterinary Sciences student and also the national-bestselling author of the RunHideSeek trilogy. She has five books released and is now completing EverAfter, the sequel to RunHideSeek. Gabby is the youngest Singaporean author to have had her book rights acquired by a major Chinese publisher. The movie rights to her books have been optioned to Woosh Pictures.

ISBN: 9789810962982
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 44
Year Published: 2016