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Local delivery is now $4, up to 5kg, FREE if the order exceeds $50!
Local delivery is now $4, up to 5kg, FREE if the order exceeds $50!


Take your pick from our selection of non-fiction titles. These include biographies, memoirs, historical essays, books for foodies, self-help books, books about politics, sociology, geography, and much more.
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    Self-Care Bundle

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    Description Look inside Calm    |     Look inside Do I Matter? Calm is a guided journal for teenagers which contains self-care tips and useful ...

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  • Western Etiquette

    Western Etiquette


    Description About the Author Western Etiquette covers the essential of presenting oneself, from issuing and replying to formal invitations, dea...

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  • The Wigner Transform

    The Wigner Transform


    Description This book provides an in-depth and rigorous study of the Wigner transform and its variants. They are presented first within a conte...

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  • The Subprime Crisis

    The Subprime Crisis


    Description About the Author The first major global economic contraction of the 21st century, or the "Great Recession", as it is more commonly ...

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  • The New Silk Road

    The New Silk Road


    Description The "Belt and Road" initiative announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 aims at reviving the ancient trade routes connecti...

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  • Youthquake 4.0


    Description About the Author Youthquake 4.0 analyses the confluence of these two inextricably linked global forces, leveraging research from wo...

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