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S.A.I.N.T.S. Song of Winds

Publisher: Straits Times Press
  • Description
  • SAINTS: Song of Winds is one of five winners in the children’s chapter books and young adult fiction category of the “Beyond Words: Young and Younger” contest organised by the National Arts Council.

    Meet the SAINTS (Syndicated Alliance of Irregular and Talented Specialists): Song, the master of the mystic Tao of Twelve Winds; Diego, a clairvoyant who can see past events and past lives; Ronny, a man of unparalleled intuition; Audrey, the ultimate exponent of the healing arts of the Ayurveda; and Zengo, the enigmatic founder of SAINTS. Using sheer intellect and mastering their subtle supernatural forces, SAINTS is called upon to stop an equally formidable force, Los Payasos. Song of Winds is a mystery thriller anyone can get lost in as they embark on this tale seeped in history and magic.

ISBN: 9789814342353
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 540
Year Published: 2013
Size: 227mm x 152mm
Language: English