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PART OF The Rage Trilogy SERIES
Publisher: Bubbly Books
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  • Jordan and James uncover the shocking truth behind the “behavioural experiment” and the real reason they were trained in coding.

    They have a secret mission – to protect and defend Singapore from a mysterious group of hackers who call themselves the Ninety-Nine. But things start to get complicated when it is no longer clear if they are on the right side.

    What if protecting the nation involves being complicit in the conspiracy to keep your friends enslaved?

  • Elodie Kyra had her first taste of literary success as the co-author of her mother's national bestseller Ellie Belly #8: Otter Out of Water. This year, she released Rage, the first book in a planned trilogy. Elodie's debut novel hit the national bestselling list and proceeded to stay there for over 15 weeks, making her Singapore's youngest national bestseller.

ISBN: 9789811446047
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 280
Year Published: 2021