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Microbial Biomass

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  • Description
  • Microbial Biomass informs readers of the ongoing global revolution in understanding soil and ecosystem microbial processes. The first paper on the subject was written by David Jenkinson in 1966, and here new insights and expansions are given on the fascinating world of soil microbial processes. In terms of contemporary issues, it also serves to support urgent efforts to sustainably manage land to feed a growing world population without compromising the environment. It presents new methods of investigation which are leading to more sustainable management of ecosystems, and improved understanding of ecosystem changes in an increasingly warmer world.

    The book approaches the topic by looking at the emergence of our understanding of soil biological processes, and begins by tracing the conception and first measurement of soil microbial biomass. Following this, changes in ecosystems, and in natural ecosystem processes are discussed in relation to land management issues and global change. Microbial biomass and its diversity are recognized as key factors in finding solutions for more sustainable land and ecosystem management, aided by new molecular and other tools. Information from the use of these tools is now being incorporated into emerging microbial-explicit predictive models, to help us study changes in earth system processes.

    Perfect for use in research and practice, this book is written for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and professionals of agronomy, chemistry, geology, physical geography, ecology, biology, microbiology, silviculture and soil science.

ISBN: 9781786341303
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 348
Year Published: 2017