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Lecture Notes In Topics In Path Integrals And String Representations


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  • Description
  • Functional Integrals is a well-established method in mathematical physics, especially those mathematical methods used in modern non-perturbative quantum field theory and string theory. This book presents a unique, original and modern treatment of strings representations on Bosonic Quantum Chromodynamics and Bosonization theory on 2d Gauge Field Models, besides of rigorous mathematical studies on the analytical regularization scheme on Euclidean quantum field path integrals and stochastic quantum field theory. It follows an analytic approach based on Loop space techniques, functional determinant exact evaluations and exactly solubility of four dimensional QCD loop wave equations through Elfin Botelho fermionic extrinsic self avoiding string path integrals.

ISBN: 9789813143463
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 244
Year Published: 2017