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K-Book: The Life-changing Adventures of Kenny

Publisher: Kenneth Kam
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  • The K-Book by Mr Kenneth Kam, successful trader-entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life mentor, depicts the life adventures, lessons and values of young Kenny in a comic book that is entertaining and educational for both children and adults. The eponymous book describes Kenny’s adventures in Singapore and Thailand that have shaped Mr Kam’s beliefs and values in life and how he shares his wealth and wisdom with others. 

    “My humble beginnings and experiences make for my greatest source of inspiration to work harder and write my own success story. Through the K-Book, I aim to share stories and lessons from my youth and adult life that have had the biggest impact on my career and the decisions I make daily. I hope that people - children and adults alike - will be inspired to excel,” said the author, Mr Kenneth Kam.

    K-Book takes the readers through Kenny’s many bold and colourful adventures told in 36 key lessons. Mr Kam himself is no stranger to struggles. Early in his career and as a budding entrepreneur, Kenneth has faced numerous challenges. For him, the key lesson from all these adventures in the K-Book is “make the most of everyday situations and learn from what life throws at you and apply them. Get out of your comfort zone. Discover the possibilities and your potential. Don’t fear failure. But fear not trying.”

  • Mr Kenneth Kam is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, inspirational speaker, author and life mentor. In 2013, Mr Kam embarked on a vision to build businesses focused on helping communities live a better and more balanced life. As a philanthropist, he works through Kenn Foundation to uplift the lives of those in need by supporting education for the underprivileged; alleviating poverty; supporting medical studies and research; and developing the arts and social sciences.

    As a life mentor, he strives to help others live a successful, balanced and enriching life by sharing his life lessons, experiences and adventures in conferences, courses and books he authored.

    Through his many efforts, Mr Kam hopes to build a more equitable and inclusive world where all will have opportunities to realise their full potential.

ISBN: 9789811174780
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 99
Year Published: 2018