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I Love Idioms Bundle

Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • Synopses
  • About the Author & Illustrator
  • A new whimsical series puts an imaginative spin on age-old idioms.

    Synopsis for Tilly's Under the Weather

    Tilly’s friends pay her a visit, only to find her under the weather—literally! Poor Tilly, she’s in bed, miserable under the dark, brooding clouds and cold, menacing rain. Her friends rally to rescue her. But can they weather the storm to help?

    A fun and creative story with quirky illustrations that teaches children the meaning of the idiom “under the weather”.

    Synopsis for Kali's Frog in the Throat

    Kali gets nervous performing on stage. Instead of saying his lines, he ribbits and croaks! He has a frog in his throat—literally! His friends rally around to lure the frog out of hiding, but it’s just not taking the bait. Will Kali ever speak again?

    With a comic tone and whimsical illustrations, Book 2 in this series teaches children the meaning of “frog in the throat”. 

    Synopsis for Wei Wei's Piece of Cake

    Wei Wei can’t tie his shoelaces, or so he says. He just won’t do it until he is rewarded with cake! Now, tying shoelaces is easy; indeed, it’s a piece of cake—literally! But things get out of hand when Wei Wei gets everyone to do his chores in exchange for some cake.

    With a clever twist and memorable illustrations, Book 3 in the series I Love Idioms teaches children the meaning of “a piece of cake”.

  • Eve Aw works in advertising. Her first book was shortlisted for Best Children’s Picture Book by Singapore Book Awards and Asian Children’s Book Award by the AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content). Eve likes trying new things, taking long walks, and waking up in the middle of a dream to remember it. She aspires to be the cool auntie who buys the best toys and laughs at jokes only kids think are funny. She lives like a child; irresponsibly, with no regrets.

    Qin Yi is an art director, letterer and illustrator. She has been in publishing for eight years and has seen many great books go to print. She is especially fond of picture books and developed a love for them very early on in her career. 

Cover Type: Paperback
Year Published: 2022
Size: 260mm x 210mm (P)