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Get Your Sexy Back: Biohacking Your Menopause Journey

Publisher: Self-Published
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  • In Get Your Sexy Back: Biohacking Your Menopause Journey, Dr. Low Chai Ling dismantles long-standing myths and presents a revolutionary new look at menopause, a life stage that nearly every woman will encounter. As a renowned medical doctor with a specialization in aesthetics, nutrition, and wellness, Dr. Low fuses her clinical expertise with personal anecdotes to offer a unique vantage point on this complex subject.

    While menopause has often been shrouded in misinformation and taboo, this book aims to change the narrative. Drawing upon the most up-to-date scientific research, Dr. Low challenges conventional wisdom and outdated misconceptions. She delves into groundbreaking biohacking techniques, from nutrition strategies to advanced medical interventions, providing actionable tips that empower women to take control of their menopause journey.

    What sets this book apart is its evidence-based approach, steering clear of hearsay and focusing on what current science has to say. Dr. Low's comprehensive guidance covers multiple facets of menopause, from hormonal fluctuations to mental well-being, offering a holistic outlook seldom found in existing literature.

    Get Your Sexy Back: Biohacking Your Menopause Journey serves as an indispensable guide for anyone navigating or preparing for this inevitable life stage. It champions a proactive, empowered approach, encouraging women to see menopause not as an ending but as a new beginning—a phase of life rich with potential for renewal and reinvention.

  • Dr Low Chai Ling, a distinguished alumna of King’s College, London, and Cardiff University, is a trailblazer in the world of aesthetic medicine. Graduating from the prestigious Guy’s & St Thomas’s Hospital, Dr. Low began her pioneering journey by venturing into the then-infant realm of aesthetic medicine in Beverly Hills during the late 90s.

    In 2003, her vision materialised as she founded The Sloane Clinic, one of Singapore's pioneering aesthetic clinics. Determined to evolve her aesthetic vision without boundaries, she later established SW1 Clinic. This endeavour not only symbolised her aesthetic journey's evolution but also gave rise to one of Singapore’s most prominent aesthetic, plastic surgery, and medical spa centres. SW1's inception drew inspiration from Dr. Low's student days in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, encapsulating her 14-year transformative journey in the field.

    Known for her keen aesthetic eye and unmatched medical expertise, Dr. Low is also an accomplished author. Her works, including In Full Bloom: Look Fabulous During and After Pregnancy, grace bookshelves worldwide. Beyond her clinics, she has significantly impacted the global aesthetic community as a master trainer, speaker, and key opinion leader.

    However, her journey isn't solely about aesthetics. At the heart of Dr. Low's endeavours is a commitment to empowering individuals. From conceptualising SW1 treatments reflecting the spirit of iconic women to launching GLOW UP, an initiative aimed at boosting teenagers' self-confidence, she believes in a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

    Her dedication extends beyond her profession. Actively championing causes for the disadvantaged, Dr. Low fervently believes in empowering women to drive societal change. Committed to creating a compassionate society, she generously contributes a portion of her personal and clinic income towards myriad social causes.

    Esteemed by celebrities across Asia, Dr. Low's patient-first approach, combined with her desire to inspire and educate, makes her a beacon in the integration of wellness and beauty.

ISBN: 9789811887260
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 184
Year Published: 2023
Size: 230mm x 150mm
Language: English