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Exotic Nuclei

  • Description
  • The symposium was held at Kazan, Russia from 4 – 10 September 2016. EXON-2016 was dedicated to the problems of producing and investigating nuclei far from the line of stability.

    The main goal of the symposium was to discuss the latest results on the production and study of the properties of the lightest to the heaviest nuclei, as well as the plans for future joint investigations in the field of exotic nuclei. The talks were presented by leading scientists in the field. Among the topics of the symposium were the following: production and study of properties of nuclei in extreme states, strongly deformed nuclei, highly excited and nuclei far from the line of stability as well as nuclei having large angular momenta. New results of the investigations are presented in this book. In particular, the latest results on the synthesis of new superheavy elements are also presented. There were also talks devoted to existing detecting devices and accelerators of exotic nuclei as well as to the future projects for the creation of similar set-ups.

ISBN: 9789813226531
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 484
Year Published: 2017