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Even When She Forgot My Name: Love, Life and My Mother’s Alzheimer’s

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    Even When She Forgot My Name serves to inspire and educate caregivers of all kinds, giving them strength and hope as they attend to aged relatives and friends. Together with a few scattered illustrations, certain pages of the book are imaginatively interspersed with a typeface that delineates the patient’s state of mind. 

  • “Wong maintains a sensitive balance of fact and introspection that he sets from the beginning, one that allows for us to empathise with his roller-coaster emotions but yet never drags the reader down in depression.”
    The Business Times

    “It’s practically a page-turner. By documenting his mother’s decline, he has brought his mother to life in the pages of this book.”
    The Business Times

    “A son describes the heartrending moments as his mother lapses deeper into Alzheimer’s disease.”
    The Straits Times

  • Wong Chai Kee graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in psychology and runs his own management consultancy firm in Singapore. He has written numerous articles on psychology and Christianity. This memoir, depicting his mother's life in a world constricted by Alzheimer's, is his first book. It is part family history, part psychological portrayal, and mostly a clear-eyed first-person account of lives bruised and blessed by Alzheimer's. An avid reader, especially of memoirs and history, he has an insatiable urge to buy books, and reads at least a page of every book bought.

ISBN: 9789810826901
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 182
Year Published: 2009
Size: 140mm x 210mm