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Cooking Under Soft Pressure 轻压下的烹饪

By: Heman Tan
Publisher: Superskill Graphics
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    Chef, ceramicist, triathlete and author Heman Tan shares his journey into Asian-inspired modern European cuisine in his 6th book — Cooking Under Soft Pressure. Combining his knowledge from the kitchen with sous vide techniques, Chef Heman’s culinarycreations are sure to inspire and delight as he presents his point of view, using Asian and western ingredients in new and fresh ways.

    Each recipe is designed with the home chef in mind, with simple step by step instructions from preparation to assembly. With every dish ready to impress with its flavour and presentation, get ready to create your very own fine dining experience with Chef Heman.

    厨师、陶艺家、铁人三项运动员和作家陈喜明在他的第6本书《轻 压下的烹饪》分享他创造具有亚洲风格的现代欧洲美食的旅程。 喜明结合了他在厨房里的知识与真空低温烹饪技术,用崭新的方 式呈现出了东西方原料结合并带有他独特观点的美食创作来启发 和愉悦读者们。

    每个食谱的设计都为家厨考虑周到,从准备材料到摆盘,都简单分 步说明。让喜明协助你烹饪出滋味和外观都让人留下深刻印象美味 佳肴,创造属于你自己的精美用餐体验。

ISBN: 9789811843952
Cover Type: Hard cover
Page Count: 92
Year Published: 2022
Size: 260mm x 210mm (P)
Language: Chinese