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粵海清廟:建築與歷史的對話 (Wak Hai Cheng Bio: A Dialogue Between Architecture and History)

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《粵海清廟:建築與歷史的對話》透過潮州傳統建築九大工種,即瓦作、木作、圬作、磚作、石作、灰塑彩繪、泥塑、嵌瓷與漆飾的闡述,介紹粵海清廟 2010年至2014年間進行修復時的工作程序,以及其建築風格、材料與技術。

Wak Hai Cheng Bio: A Dialogue between Architecture and History documents the full-scale restoration of Singapore’s oldest Teochew temple as well as national monument - Wak Hai Cheng Bio (also known as Yueh Hai Ching Temple), carried out between 2010 to 2014. This firsthand account of the restoration offers a view of the temple’s history through close examination of its physical fabric. It is further illustrated with a discourse on nine architectural trades, materials and/or crafts: tile, timber, plaster, brick, stone, relief fresco, clay ornament, ceramic ornament and paint.

「… 這本粵海清廟的修護紀錄寫得極為深入,我細讀之後,深深可以聽到建築演奏出來的樂章。… 」

「…《粵海清廟:建築與歷史的對話》這部圖文並茂的大作,出色地詮釋了一位優秀建築師的階段性工作 …。」

About the Author
Yeo Kang Shua 楊茳善 is an Associate Professor of Architectural History, Theory and Criticism at Singapore University of Technology and Design - Architecture and Sustainable Design. Over the years, he has made extensive research as well as participated in the full restoration and conservation of Yueh Hai Ching Temple. As an author, his contributions can be read in selected chapters of: Find Your Place in History: City Centre – Architecture lost and found, and Before It All Goes: Architecture from Singapore’s Early Independence Years.

ISBN: 9789811432187
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 320
Year Published: 2020
Language: Chinese