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FAQ for the Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop

What books do you have at the Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop?

The bookshop offers only Singapore books. By which we mean ... 

  1. Books published in Singapore
  2. Books written by a Singaporean or Singaporean PR
  3. Books that are about Singapore

That wall looks very nice! Are all the books for sale? 
Yes, they are. Just approach the friendly staff if you have any queries.

I'm a Singaporean author. Can I sell my book at the bookshop?
Yes. There are, of course, certain terms and conditions and criteria (including those above), but we take great pride in specialising in Singaporean titles and are on a constant lookout for publishers and self-published authors to increase our selection. 

Fill out the form here if you would like to have your book sold at the bookshop.

I've written a book about Singapore. Can I sell my book at the bookshop?
Yes, provided you meet the criteria above. Fill out the form here if you would like to have your book sold at the bookshop. Let’s put our books out to a greater audience, together.

What events do you organise at the Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop?
The bookshop has held book events such as readings and book launches before. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to find out when these happen.  

Award-winning authors and artists who have appeared at the bookshop include Felix Cheong, Cyril Wong, Nuraliah Norasid and Ng Yi-Sheng, as well as bestselling authors such as Balli Kaur Jaswal, Dr M Shan, Clarissa Goenawan, Teo You Yenn and Sebastian Sim.

If you want to know who else will be turning up, follow us on Facebook, or Instagram, or check out our updates on the website here.

(Due to the current pandemic, no large-scale events will be held at the bookshop until further notice.)

Your bookshop is cashless? 
Yes. We do not accept cash for book purchases. We do accept credit card or NETS payments.

How do you reduce your carbon footprint?
We will offer paper bags for carrying your books only if you ask for it. We are also going to roll out an initiative to re-use carrier bags (both paper and plastic) as much as possible. These will be made available for your use should you need one.