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Danger Dan and Gadget Girl

Danny is hungry for adventure, anything to get him away from his three older sisters and the errands his mum always piles on. He finds himself in a time-bending adventure of a lifetime with his much-smarter-than-him sidekick, Melody, a mysterious girl from the future (who really thinks that she should be the hero, and Danny the sidekick), Danger Dan manages to avert real-life disaster and save Singapore from ruin, time and again!

The original five-book Danger Dan series was first published in 2012 as a fun, fictional exploration of Singapore’s key historical milestones, and remain very well-received by schools and middle-grade readers for its engaging characters and educational content.

This second series brings Danger Dan and Gadget Girl to the future, tackling science problems such as conservation and botany with the same madcap tone that will keep kids riveted at every turn.


  • ISBN: 9789814615877

    Secrets of Singapore


    Description Praise About the Author & Illustrator 🎁Recommended for ages 9 and above Shortlisted for the Singapore Book Awards 2016 - Best ...

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