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The Other Merlion and Friends

Publisher: Landmark Books
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  • About the Poet
  • This is for you,
    All you bothersome people
    Who ask about my next book,
    Ask whether I still draw
    Or write anymore.
    What is my next book about?
    When is it coming out?
    When poets become rabbits,
    You will get my next book.
    Since you’re now stuck waiting,
    Do spare me the pained look:
    There’s more yet to learn.
    When I am not writing,
    I am not constipating.
    That bowl of kway teow?
    It is a bowl of kway teow,
    Not some swirl of metaphors.
    I don’t see bobbing symbols,
    I don’t hear iambs or trochees.
    What’s wrong with you people?
    This is for you.

  • Born in 1970, Gwee Li Sui is a former academic who now labours in the arts as a poet, writer, editor, literary critic, and graphic artist. He wrote Singapore’s first long-form graphic novel, Myth of the Stone, back in 1993 and has five books of verse to date. Gwee continues to teach at various institutions and universities. He is a popular speaker at schools and festivals and is often sought for his opinions on literature, language, and religion. He has also been on the evaluation panels of many local and international writing awards.

ISBN: 9789814189637
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 86
Year Published: 2015