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Emma and Ginger Bundle

PART OF Emma and Ginger SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • Synopses
  • About the Author & Illustrator
  • 🎁Recommended for ages 3 and above

    Dad's Too Busy (book 1):
    Six-year-old Emma’s having a tough time. Her mum and dad are both too busy to pay much attention to her, and Emma feels really lonely sometimes. When she finds a tabby cat sitting outside her window, she takes it in without her parents’ permission. Soon the secret becomes more and more difficult to keep, but armed with her spunkiness and a newfound independence, Emma and her new companion find much joy in tiptoeing around her parents, and soon become the best of friends.

    When her parents finally discover her secret, Emma tells them about how her cat has been there for her, and they realise that they haven’t been giving Emma the time and attention she needs.

    Dad's For Sale (book 2):
    Emma’s back, and feistier than ever. This time, she wants to put her dad up for sale!

    It all begins when she accompanies him to his camera shop. There, she encounters a rich and famous actress willing to pay a whole lot to hire a bodyguard. Since Emma’s dad refuses to buy her the pair of rollerblades she wants, she decides to “sell” him to the famous actress to get the money she needs.

    That seems like a splendid idea, until she gradually realises that she appreciates and needs her dad…more than she wants new toys.

    Dad's At Home (book 3):
    Poor Dad. He's just lost his job—his beloved camera shop has gone out of business.

    Emma's happy that he'll be home more now, but she can tell how sad Dad is. So she decides that it's her job to cheer him up.

    But as the days wear on, will Dad be able to stop worrying?

    Dad’s At Home is a modern and relatable story about appreciating the everyday moments with the ones we love.

    Dad's Dyslexic Too (book 4):
    Here are two things Emma knows for sure:
    One, she’s lost Ginger.
    Two, the doctor says she has “dyslexia”.

    What’s…dyslexia? Will Mum and Dad be mad?
    And will she ever find Ginger?

  • Lily Kong’s short stories and other writings have been published in magazines and newspapers. She won the NUS Literary Society Writing Contest for an English short story in 1985 and the National Arts Council’s Beyond Words Chinese Picture Book Writing Contest in 2013. She majored in English Literature and Economics at the National University of Singapore and holds teaching diplomas in English as a Second Language, Speech and Drama, Public Speaking and Early Childhood Education. She is effectively bilingual.

    Jeanette Yap is a graduate from Nanyang Technological University's School of Art, Design & Media. Her works are inspired by nature, books and good people. She hopes that her drawings would bring warmth to more hearts. She has illustrated the Emma and Ginger series and Kompheak: The Medicine Boy with No Legs.

Cover Type: Paperback
Size: 260mm x 210mm (P)