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Danger Dan Traces the Perilous Poison (book 4)

Publisher: Epigram Books
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    Gadget Girl Melody is off her game this time and needs Danny’s help. It is the year 1972 and Queen Elizabeth will be visiting Singapore for the first time. Drama ensues as Gadget Girl Melody finds out Sinister Spyder’s plans to poison the Queen. They must stop him before it’s too late!

    Together, they trace the security crew to Toa Payoh, where the Queen will be visiting. Using Gadget Girl’s latest toy, the anti-gravity wristband, the two set off to nail the Sinister Spyder. Are they on the right track, or must they hatch another plan? Find out more in Danger Dan Traces the Perilous Poison!

  • “Very addictive books that draw readers in like an action-packed movie! Engaging mix of imagery, humour, plot twists, all laced with a distinctive local flavour.”
    —Chow Yian Ping, journalist, Lianhe Zaobao

    “Expect the unexpected with Danger Dan as you join him on his adventures.”
    —Susan Liang, History and Social Studies teacher, Pioneer Secondary School

    “If Doctor Who were 11 years old and born in Singapore, he’d be a lot like Danger Dan. This time-travelling boy wonder romps through Temasek with a feisty female partner, offering a fun alternative to boring textbook versions of local history.”
    —Clara Chow, journalist and parenting columnist

    “Danger Dan cleverly weaves moments of history into an entertaining read. A page-turner!”
    —Yao Lingyun, educator, Nanyang Girls’ High School

  • Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim are a mother-and-daughter writing team. They sometimes argue, like all mothers and daughters do, but they are able to work together because they have many thing in common – such as their love for writing, eating and sleeping (not necessarily in that order). They have spoken at many schools and festivals because they love meeting Danger Dan fans.

    James Tan is an illustrator from Singapore. He likes to create comics and draw stuff, especially animals. He also enjoys doing traditional illustrations using ink and watercolor as there is something more tactile to these media, just like holding a book in your hand. He likes to draw things from his experiences as well as books he read. He enjoys travelling and drawing the new sights and sounds he sees around the world.

ISBN: 9789814615235 (Default)
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 136
Year Published: 2014
Size: 140 x 215mm