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Hemoperfusion, Plasmaperfusion And Other Clinical Uses Of General, Biospecific, Immuno And Leucocyte Adsorbents

  • Description
  • Written by 30 worldwide leading scientists, experts and medical doctors, this comprehensive book provides a broad, multi-disciplinary overview on hemoperfusion. The research of the subject was started by TMS Chang — the pioneer and inventor of microcapsules who is well known as the "the Father of Microcapsules." The book presents the numerous recent developments in this field. A series of tailor-made, toxin removing and cell separating adsorbents or microcapsules with unique properties have been designed, prepared and produced for use in the treatment of diseases such as autoimmune disease, drug over-dose, acute inflammation, etc., in which ordinary medical treatments shows little or no efficacy. Various modalities of hemoperfusion treatments and results are described to provide readers with up-to-date information on the highly interdisciplinary field of hemoperfusion.

ISBN: 9789814749077
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 1016
Year Published: 2017