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Over Singapore 50 Years Ago

  • Description
  • Now released in a new, convenient and handy size, Over Singapore: 50 Years Ago is a view of old Singapore from a new angle. Many of the streets and buildings have changed; but many others are still instantly recognizable, and this book helps the reader make connections between places as they were and as they are today.

    This book is based on aerial photographs taken vertically, some 50 years ago, from altitudes in the range of 2,500–23,000 feet. These photos have been specially combined to form large, composite views similar in impact to photographs taken today from satellites. The result is a fascinating and detailed portrait of the city and many of the major outlying areas as they once were.

    Younger readers will be fascinated by this portrait of the past; the older generation will be taken back to the Singapore they remember. Visitors will gain insights into Singapore's history, which will enrich their understanding and enjoyment of the island state today.

ISBN: 9789814610131
Cover Type: Hardback
Page Count: 124
Year Published: 2015