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A History of Money in Singapore

Publisher: Talisman Publishing
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  • Description
  • A History Of Money In Singapore covers the history of money in Singapore from pre-colonial times to the present day, narrating the story in its political, economic, technological, political and social context - something that has never been done on such a scale before.

    Tracing the evolution of money used in Singapore, from the copper coins and silver dollars circulating in the Malay Archipelago before the 19th century, through to the money created by the British colonial authorities for the Straits Settlements’ use and the creation of Singapore’s own dollar in 1967, A History Of Money In Singapore offers insights into the currency and monetary policy frameworks that have contributed to Singapore’s success as a international hub for trade and finance.

    Authors Clement Liew and Peter Wilson present technical detail in readable narrative form, designed to appeal to specialists and general readers alike, creating a product of original research, which includes an extensive use of contemporary primary sources and is fully illustrated throughout.

ISBN: 9789811821295
Cover Type: Hardback
Year Published: 2021
Size: 299mm x 152mm