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Local delivery is $1.50, up to 2kg, free if order is above $50!


How did Singapore go "from mudflat to metropolis"? These titles here shed light on the Lion City's social, political and economic growth throughout its history, including the arrival of Raffles and the subsequent colonial era; the violent clash of World War Two; and the quest to build an independent republic and national identity.
  • Men Misbehaving

    Men Misbehaving


    Description About the Author The author of Wild Women Do on crimes committed by females in Singapore returns with a new collection on local cri...

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  • A Company Of Planters

    A Company Of Planters


    Description Praise About the Author Through a collection of letters written to his best friend and to his father in England, and from his own p...

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  • Singapore Mutiny

    Singapore Mutiny


    Description About the Author 'Chinese New Year 1915 will long be remembered in the Straits Settlements,' write Edwin and Mary Brown in their ex...

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  • Short Circuits

    Short Circuits


    Description About the Author This collection of occasional reflections is a first by one of Singapore’s most distinguished poets. Exploring how...

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  • Writing Singapore

    Writing Singapore


    Description About the Editors The first comprehensive historical anthology of English-language writing from Singapore, this volume covers more ...

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  • Guns of February

    Guns of February


    Description About the Author Guns of February shows the Fall of Singapore and Japan's 1941 military campaign in Malaya through the eyes of Japa...

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  • Lions and Tigers

    Lions and Tigers


    Description Through attending games and talking to players, coaches, media and fans from the past and the present, seasoned football correspond...

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  • Dear Ms Expat

    Dear Ms Expat


    Description About the Authors A move to a new country is a life-changing experience. New identities, fresh ambitions and unforeseen challenges ...

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  • Murder Most Foul
    Sold out

    Murder Most Foul


    Description About the Author Seemingly safe on the surface, sunny Singapore has seen its fair share of murders that run the gamut from pre-med...

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  • Mute



    Description About the Author Can a photograph show what is absent, what has been erased? Through this illuminating series of images, we get to ...

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  • My Best With Honour

    My Best With Honour


    Description About the Author My Best with Honour features 12 prominent personalities who were scouts while in school and whose lives have been ...

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  • Northeast Hinterland

    Northeast Hinterland


    Description About the Author Northeast Hinterland captures evocative and thought-provoking night scenes of Punggol – a northeastern suburb that...

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  • Deadly Stakes

    Deadly Stakes


    Description About the Author The gamblers interviewed for this book all had one thing in common — they didn’t know what hit them. They thought ...

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  • The Changi Murals

    The Changi Murals


    Description Praise About the Author The Changi Murals are a priceless part of our war heritage, holding deep emotional value, not just for ex-p...

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  • Dissident Voices

    Dissident Voices


    Description They stood firm on their convictions despite the odds. Some paid a heavy toll for their beliefs - deprivations, long prison terms, ...

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