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How did Singapore go "from mudflat to metropolis"? These titles here shed light on the Lion City's social, political and economic growth throughout its history, including the arrival of Raffles and the subsequent colonial era; the violent clash of World War Two; and the quest to build an independent republic and national identity.
  • Who Cares?

    Who Cares?


    Description About the Authors They are often mere statistics these days – the growing ranks of the elderly, whose care will be borne by ever fe...

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  • Yo-Yo Diplomacy

    Yo-Yo Diplomacy


    Description About the Author The third of the “Tom Plate on Asia” series, Yo-Yo Diplomacy compiles the compelling and insightful columns on Asi...

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  • The AWARE Saga

    The AWARE Saga


    Description About the Author In March 2009, the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) was briefly taken over by a Christian fact...

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  • Starry Island

    Starry Island


    Description In 2015, Singapore celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its independence. From its founding as a British colony with no natural r...

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  • Pedra Branca -

    Pedra Branca


    Description About the Authors This book is about the territorial dispute between Malaysia and Singapore over Pedra Branca, a small but strategi...

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  • Paths Not Taken

    Paths Not Taken


    Description About the Editors Singapore's era of pluralism between the 1950s and 1970s was a time of extraordinary cultural, intellectual and p...

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  • Nemesis



    Description Praise About the Author The Nemesis was the first of a generation of iron-clad, steam-powered naval vessels that established Britis...

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  • English in Singapore

    English in Singapore


    Description About the Editors English in Singapore provides an up-to-date, detailed and comprehensive investigation into the various issues sur...

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  • Chinese Among Others

    Chinese Among Others


    Description About the Author In this book, distinguished historian Philip A. Kuhn tells the remarkable five-century story of Chinese emigration...

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  • 《星洲星光——现代旅人手记》章星虹



    Description Praise Shortlisted for Singapore Literature Prize 2018, Creative Non-Fiction 南来文化人与这个南洋小岛,有过一段怎样的生命交集因缘? 在新加坡这个现代都会,还有哪些几为人们遗忘的文化历史...

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  • 建构南洋儿童:战后新马华语儿童刊物及文化研究 徐兰君 李丽丹 主编



    Description “儿童”是建构历史和文化的重要概念及方法。 本论文集以战后新马地区出版和发行的儿童期刊以及教科书等为主要研究对象,结合口述采访、本地书局历史和原始档案资料,在将“南洋儿童”概念历史化的同时,重点分析其发展变化与本地区新兴的反殖民话语、民族国家的兴起、新马与香港之...

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  • Runnerdotes



    Description About the Authors This book documents short stories of inspirational local runners who were involved in the creation of Sundown Mar...

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  • Reporting the Retreat

    Reporting the Retreat


    Description About the Author Japan’s invasion of Burma in 1942 set off the longest retreat in British military history. Along with the fall of ...

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  • Lion of Singapore


    Description About the Author Singapore has been known as the Lion City since the late 13th century when it was discovered by Sumatran Prince Sa...

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