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Sengkang Snoopers Bundle

PART OF Sengkang Snoopers SERIES
Publisher: Epigram Books
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  • Synopses
  • About the Author & Illustrator
  • 🎁 Recommended for ages 8 and above

    Sengkang Snoopers: The Mystery of the Hermit's Hut (Book 1):
    When their usual travel plans fall though, Lee Su Lin and her little brother, Su Yang, reluctantly spend their school holidays on Pulau Ubin instead. Along with their new friends, the sensible and smart Zizi, and the perpetually hungry Bus, they form the Sengkang Snoopers and discover a mysterious hut at the top of a quarry hill, where a hermit is rumoured to live. When they hear strange sounds coming from the hut, they just can't keep away, but what will they find there?

    Sengkang Snoopers: The Secret of the Tiger’s Den (Book 2):
    The Sengkang Snoopers are vacationing on the island of Sentosa, but a holiday involving this gang of sleuths really isn’t complete unless there’s a big mystery to decode. This time, Su Lin, Su Yang, Bus, Zizi and their loyal parrot sidekick, Kuning, pick up a curious piece of paper containing some very interesting information, including a drawing that appears to lead to hidden treasure from the Japanese Occupation. But their quest to solve a mystery lands them in mortal danger. Can the Snoopers escape from peril in time to save the day?

    Sengkang Snoopers: The Riddle of the Coral Isle (Book 3)
    Singapore's favourite sleuthing quartet returns in this third instalment of the series, set in the offshore Sisters' Islands. Su Lin, Su Yang, Bus, Zizi and their faithful parrot, Kuning, are camping on Big Sister's Island, one half of the Sisters' Islands, and they waste no time exploring, climbing lush trees and diving into shimmering lagoons. When they spot a strange boat circling the off-limits Little Sister's Island, where a hatchery for rare turtle eggs is housed, they smell a mystery they just cannot resist. Joined by a new friend, the Sengkang Snoopers brave raging rivers and winds to thwart the plot. But can they save the turtles before danger finds them?

  • Peter Tan is an author, scriptwriter, award-winning playwright, and adjunct senior research fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore. He was a police inspector in the Singapore Police Force in National Service, a teacher, and a journalist with The Straits Times. Peter now writes children’s stories to entertain and hopefully to enlighten. Much like the Sengkang Snoopers, he loves adventure and can’t help sniffing out fun mysteries to solve. He lives in Singapore with his wife and daughter.

    Billy Yong is an illustrator and character designer. Born and raised in Singapore, he received his art education at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, California. He's often found either drawing, geeking over furniture with his wife, or swinging a sword in his dojo. He likes bubble tea but knows he shouldn't have it.

Cover Type: Paperback
Size: 215mm x 140mm