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Optimum Accelerated Life Testing Models With Time-Varying Stresses

  • Description
  • Today's manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to develop new technological and high reliability products in record time. This has motivated reliability engineers to evaluate the reliabilities of such products. Reliability testing under accelerated environment — accelerated life testing helps to meet this challenge.

    This comprehensive and must-have edition provides a broad coverage of the optimal design of Accelerated Life Test Plans under time-varying stress loadings. It also focuses on the formulation of Accelerated Life Test Sampling Plans (ALTSPs) which integrate accelerated life tests with quality control technique of acceptance sampling plans. These plans help to determine optimal experimental variables such as appropriate stress levels, optimal allocation at each stress levels, stress change points, etc, depending on the stress loading scheme. ALTSPs determine optimal plans such that the producers' and consumers' risks are safeguarded.

ISBN: 9789813141254
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 444
Year Published: 2017