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Local delivery: $4, up to 5kg, FREE for orders >$50!
We're turning 11! 🎂

We're turning 11! 🎂

11 years and more than 400 books later, we still have the tenacity and fire to champion Southeast Asian authors and it's all thanks to you. The Epigram Books team looks back and shares their picks.

Here's some recommendations from Team Epigram that you can identify with, or gift to friends and loved ones 🎁

If you're both a realist and an optimist who becomes as tough as the going gets:

How about something for someone who always makes the best out of whatever murky situation they stumble into?

And if you overthink a little but you continue to love with your whole heart (aka a water sign):
For your ride or die through thick and thin:

Also, we can't forget the friends that you love to hate, and then miss for the rest of your life:

If you're smart, sensible, and still find yourself caught between your mind and your heart:
If you're the detail-oriented one in the group, good with activities that take time:

Or maybe you're imaginative and wry, and most likely have a deadpan humour:

If you find yourself caught between risky change and staying the same:

We have books for all people and all occasions! Join in our celebrations by adding your book wish list to cart. And thank you for your support over the years.


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