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It's February already? What's new from Epigram Books


Last month, we announced the release of our first book of 2018, the novel The Last Immigrant by Lau Siew Mei. That was just the beginning — the presses haven't stopped rolling!

But first, we have a special bundle deal to herald in the Year of the Dog on our online store! What is it? Well, from now until 18 Feb, you can get any two books from our Heritage Cookbook series for only $38! (UP: $45.80)

Isn't that "paw-some"?  

What else is new? New books, of course!

Yes, hot on the heels of The Last Immigrant comes The Trampolines That Nadia Built, a children's book by first-time author Darren C. Ong, with illustrations by Anngee Neo. Here, young Nadia wants to go to the moon, so she builds some trampolines that she hopes can take her there. This is a lovely little story about dreaming big, and how you can get by with a little help from your friends. You can read more about it here


Also out in February is another children's book, this time by Quek Hong Shin. Called The Incredible Basket, (left) this is a sequel of sorts to his previous book, The Amazing Sarong.

In this book, Xiaoming putting his creativity to good use as he turns a beautiful wedding basket into many wonderful things. As he learns throughout the course of the story, in life, you are limited only by your imagination.

Singapore's history is seen from a certain point of view in Sisters & Senang: The Island Plays, (pictured above, right) a two-play compendium by acclaimed playwright Jean Tay, which will be published later this month.

In these plays, she explores the rather turbulent pasts of two off-shore islands, Sisters Islands (which combines both the myth of how the islands were created with a murder that occurred there in 1965), and Pulau Senang, which was used as a penal colony in 1963.

In other news, author Imran Hashim's novel, Annabelle Thong, has been given a new look! Yes, this new reprint now sports brand new cover and comes in a new format. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, over at Epigram Books UK, we've had several books submitted for consideration for various literary prizes, including the prestigious International Man Booker Prize.

The Tower by Isa Kamari and The Widower by Mohamed Latiff Mohamed, both of whom are Cultural Medallion recipients, have been put forward for the International Man Book Prize; while Sugarbread by Balli Kaur Jaswal and Once We Were There by Bernice Chauly, have been submitted for The Women’s Prize for Fiction.

State of Emergency by Jeremy Tiang has been submitted for the Ondaatje Prize. Speaking of which, the novel got a mention in British read, The Spectator, with writer Keith Miller calling the book “well researched, informative and even-handed” in his round-up.

Bernice's Once We Were There, which won the Penang Monthly Book Prize, was featured as one of the recommended reads for 2018 by Anna James on Lush UK's lifestyle website. (Bernice is also Writer-In-Residence at the SA Writers Centre in Adelaide, South Australia this month, so she's keeping busy.)

That's it for now, but we will have more in store for you very soon! Watch this space!

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