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Epigram Books at SWF 2019

Panels, discussions, and book launches galore! This year, Epigram has a few events planned at the annual Singapore Writers Festival just for you.
Read on to find out what they are and we'll see you there!

Book Launch: Do I Matter? A Journey to Building Your Self-Esteem

Event Details
Date: Sunday, 3 November
Time: 1pm-2pm
Venue: The Arts House, SWF POP Stage

Does your self-esteem get affected by the slightest of setbacks? How do you mould your self-esteem into a bedrock of resilience?

Find out with senior assistant director of Samaritans of Singapore, Wong Lai Chun, at the launch of her book, Do I Matter, where she will share tips on improving your self-esteem to go against all odds and challenges in life.


Keeping it Fresh: A Defence of Originality

Event Details
Date: Friday, 8 November
Time: 7pm-8pm
Venue: The Arts House, Gallery II

In an era where stories have been retold over and over again, can there truly be an original piece of work anymore? Is everything we write now merely an imitation?

Join authors Jason Erik Lundberg (Most Excellent and Lamentable) and Barrie Sherwood (The Angel Tiger and Other Stories) as they discuss how short stories can retain their originality, how collections are put together, and how we can, as Ezra Pound coined, "make it new" again.


"So the moral of the story is..."

Event Details
Date: Saturday, 9 November
Time: 12pm-1pm
Venue: The Arts House, Living Room

How can children's book authors devise a wholesome and memorable story that will also leave a good impression on kids?

Join this panel discussion as Ng Swee San (Yaya the Double-Decker Bus) and Linda Locke (the Jack is Curious series) share about the writing process behind children's books, and how these books are able to convey life lessons that both children and adults can learn from. 


Uniquely Singapore(an)

Event Details
Date: Saturday, 9 November
Time: 8.30pm-9.30pm
Venue: The Arts House, Living Room

What makes a story uniquely Singaporean? Is it the characters? The situation? The seeing? Or is it how the story resonates with Singaporeans?

In this special event to mark the launch of Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Vol.4, award-winning poet and author Cyril Wong and panellists Jason Erik Lundberg and Pooja Nansi will engage in conversation about the ingredients that make up a remarkable Singaporean story. This panel will also feature a few special guests; come by to find out who they are. 


More authors will be featured in other panels during the SWF. To find out which ones, click here.

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