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Author on the Air: Ken Kwek on phubbing and family foibles

Listen to the podcast between 938Now's #OntheScenewithEugene and screenwriter, film director, playwright, and now, author Ken Kwek.

In this podcast, he shares about his first children's novel - Timothy and the Phubbers - a wonderfully irreverent and humorous tale that takes our smartphone foibles to the extreme.

"It's a completely ridiculous story, but it's definitely grounded in the reality of everyday experience," says Ken about the book.

"I tell the story in a comic vein and exaggerate the characteristics of people that I see every day, whether it's the teenager playing games while walking across the pedestrian crossing or the uncle riding his bike along the canal while talking to his friend on the phone. It's funny how little I needed to make up. I just needed to exaggerate what we see every day."


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