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An Author Abroad #1: Ning Cai arrives in Scotland

"Good morning from Edinburgh, Scotland! So I was trying to write Book 2 (sequel to Misdirection) of the Savant Trilogy, but how can you write with a magical view like this? Don’t worry, I’ll get down to it later today!” 



We had a nice surprise when we opened our inbox to find this pic sent by Ning Cai. 

In case you missed it, last week, Ning, who authored the book, Misdirection (Book #1 in our new Savant Trilogy) said goodbye to Singapore and jetted off to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she will be spending a year studying for her Masters in Creative Writing. 

But that's not all that will keep her busy. Apart from eating haggis, she will also be completing the sequel to Misdirection, which will be Book #2 in the Savant Trilogy.

Ning agreed to keep us updated about her time in the UK every so often – and that's what An Author Abroad is all about.

Yes, she intends to get around a little bit (all work and no play, and all that) and let you in on her what it's like coming with her new book (did we mention it's Book #2 of the Savant Trilogy? We did? Okay.)

In the meantime, check out Ning's Spotify playlist for Misdirection. It's a playlist that she made as a companion to the book.

Think of it as a soundtrack featuring songs from, or inspired, by her novel. According to Ning, these are songs that she feels captures the mood of – or songs she listened to while writing – Misdirection

For example, "Take Me To Your Heart" by MLTR, made her playlist because that saccharine track is the favourite song of Maxine Schooling's mum. (If you haven't read the book yet – and why not? – Maxine is the key protagonist of the Savant Trilogy.) 

But enough yakkin'. Listen to the music. Read the book. And stay tuned for more from An Author Abroad. 

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