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Epigram Books Tries to Meet Danger Dan

Let’s be honest—11-year-old Danny’s secret life isn’t really a secret anymore. With two books out, and a third one slated for release this May, more and more people are reading about Danger Dan’s battles to right Singapore’s historical hiccups.

Danger Dan is also making waves outside of home—authors Monica Lim and Lesley-Anne are back from the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival, where they shared about Danger Dan’s adventures, and what it takes to write them. With Danger Dan destined to soar even greater heights, what’s the real Danny like?

Our editorial assistant here at Epigram Books, Dan (yes, Dan, but just plain Dan) finds out.

Dan: Hi Danny! I’m Dan. Tell me how you came up with the name Danger Dan and your awesome superhero persona?

Danny: Hey, your name is Dan too? That’s awesomely awesome! Isn’t Dan the best name ever? We can be the superhero duo! We can be the Danger Dan…s. Danger Dans! Oh hang on, I forgot Melody. We can be the superhero triplet! Wait, that’s not right. What comes after duo? Never mind! What’s the question again?

Dan: Okaaay…moving on. I have one elder sister and you have three. Can you tell us a bit about them?

Danny: Amy is a blabbermouth. Betty is a geek. Candy is a pig. They’re all mean to me.

Dan: That’s not very nice, Danny.

Danny: They’re not very nice! Hey, why are we talking about them? They’re not important! Talk about me! Me, me, me!


Dan: In Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind: Issue #1 you travel back in time to 1964 Singapore, then to 1947 in Danger Dan Tackles the Majulah Mayhem: Issue #2. Which time period did you like best?

Danny: 1947 wasn’t very fun. There wasn’t any food! But I got to meet Zubir Said and he said I had musical ears! 1964 was better. I went to the Van Kleef Aquarium! It was quite cool but we umm…had a little accident.

Dan: Actually, what does it feel like to time travel?

Danny: Very weird. Do you have any food?

Dan: No.

Danny: But I’m hungry! Soooooo hungry! Can you buy a burger for me? Please? Pretty pleeeeease?

Dan: *mutters to himself and stomps off*

10 minutes later…

Dan: *returns and hands Danny a bag* Here’s your burger.

Danny: Thank you, Dan! You da bomb! Wait, I see something green. Ewww…you didn’t take out the pickle! *gingerly peels out the pickle* Did you get fries?

Dan: You seem to have a…huge appetite. How did the food of the past taste to you?

Danny: *munch* The laksa was great! *munch* The ice ball was great! *munch* The kacang puteh was great! The vegetables…not so great. *MUNCH*

Dan: You travel back in time with Melody, a mysterious girl from the future. Do you have a crush on her?

Danny: Yuck! Yuck! Why would I have a crush on her? She has such bad aim! Don’t tell her I said that. The person I like will be funny, sporty, have fantastic aim and play computer games!

Dan: I’ll tell your creators, Monica Lim, Lesley-Anne and James Tan, about that.

Danny: James should draw me with more muscles. How can I save Singapore with these scrawny arms? I don’t think it’s fair that Monica and Lesley-Anne gave Melody all the gadgets and gave me nothing. Must be because they’re girls!

Monica: Behave yourself, Danny. Or I’ll start calling you Ding Dong Dan in the books.

Danny: See? They bully me! And Lesley-Anne is an older sister, right? I don’t like older sisters!

Lesley-Anne: How would you like another sister in the next book, Danny?

Danny: Alright, alright! Fine, you win! You guys are awesome, ok? *sulks in corner*

Dan: *moves interview to corner* Tell us how their trips overseas with you went.

Danny: They did all the talking! I didn’t get to say anything! They left me in the hotel room and went to eat roast goose without me!

Dan: Okay, talk about your next adventure, Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate. What can we expect, and who on earth is this pirate?

Danny: Oh, it’s very exciting! I get to go on a pirate ship and I even meet Raffles! The human Raffles, not the statue! But he’s not the pirate! And Danger Dan meets his all-time nemesis, the Sinister Spyder, face-to-face for the first time. He’s quite a scary guy. If you want to find out how Danger Dan saves the day, you have to buy the books! And you have to like my Facebook page! Not just the page, you have to like every post! And every photo! And spam all your friends! And—

Dan: I think we’re done for the day. Thank you, Danny for that very…interesting interview.

Danny: You’re welcome, Dan! Thanks for the burger!

For a much more focused description of Danger Dan’s adventures, check out these links to Danger Dan Confronts the Merlion Mastermind: Issue #1, and Danger Dan Tackles the Majulah Mayhem: Issue #2. Don’t miss out on the release of Danger Dan Spooks the Peculiar Peranakan Pirate this May; you’re bound to catch it on Epigram Books’, or Danger Dan’s Facebook page.

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