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Words Have Power

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  • Words Have Power is a book written to empower everyone – from entrepreneurs to business leaders to the common man, to unleash the power within through the power of words. There is a hidden ‘gem' in every individual and for that gem to work for you, it must be identified and activated. If you are willing to explore possibilities and expand the map of your world, I believe that this book can help you discover that gem and ultimately help you to create a better future version of yourself.

    I have put together this guide in seven parts using my P.R.O.F.I.T framework (each chapter taking you through a process). Make sure you make the best out of this book, and you will see that you can indeed live life by your own design by using some of the most effective ways of communication with the power of words.

  • "This is a book that shows Joseph's mastery of NLP in the domain of personal and business development. NLP can be an intimidating applied psychology, but he has been able to explain and show how it can be elegantly used to get your desired results with the POWER OF WORDS. In the area of work conversations, he shows how good questions can be used to help people gain clarity and understanding. Joseph is diligent in whatever he does, and what he shares in this book has been real world tested. If you want to gain mastery of how to use words to work for you and others, read this book."
    —Barney Wee, PhD Founder, Coach Master Trainer, Mind Transformations Author of Choices of Now

    "This is such an uplifting book for anyone who wants to position themselves and their business for success. Beyond techniques and skillset, Joseph provides great insights and practical tips to align mindset, experience and actions to bring out the best side of ourselves authentically and naturally."
    —Kennie Lee, Regional HR Leader, US MNC

    "I am not the type to read self-help books, but what a breeze and joy to complete this one! This book is almost like taking a crash course on entrepreneurship. Recommended for business owners and leaders with its insights and on adopting the right mindset, with practical approaches to branding and leadership! I especially liked the chapter on ‘How to persuade your audience to say YES’ because in my opinion, that's one of the biggest challenges faced in the business world!"
    —Zheng Yiting, Senior Business Advisor

    "What impacted me the most was the chapter on ‘Your Superpower’. The segment on making daily declarations is a good practice that I will be adopting, and I agree that although it may not necessarily make our day better, it will definitely give you a positive mindset to go through the day. Highly recommend this book to all who are looking at making improvements in their lives by implementing the tips and techniques shared by Joseph."
    —Desmond Teo, Technical Director, IT Answers Pte Ltd

    "This book is a great reminder for me to look deeper into myself to find out what I truly want and desire in life. Through this book, I managed to overcome some of the self-limiting beliefs that have held me back from taking action for many years. It also brought me great encouragement, support and guidance. The most impactful chapter for me was ‘NATO vs DWIT’ as it totally addresses my current situation. I highly recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to live life by their own design."
    —Yen Ting, Business Development Manager, French MNC

    "I have read Joseph's Words Have Power and am blown away. This is not only about the power of words, but it incorporates Joseph's experience as a speaker and entrepreneur on the mindset, intention setting, usage of words to oneself and others to impact, influence, and live the life of your design."
    —Lilin Kan, CPA (Australia), Danish MNC

    "Initially I knew Joseph as an entrepreneur and a trainer. As time went by, I discovered that he is filled with positive energy and foresight which really amazes me. Words Have Power is a book which represents his intellect and thoughtfulness which is a joy to read, and I am confident it can move you towards a good career path. Read it and it might clear your spiritual hurdles and guide you on a road to success."
    —Steven Chong, Business Owner, Optometrist, Associated Optical Company

    "There are so many gems in this book that I can’t help but keep reading to find out more on how Words Have Power can empower oneself and apply it to personal, product, or business branding. Joseph is intelligent and successful in his business, he has been there and is very generous in sharing his tips of using words. I strongly encourage you to start exploring the gems in this book. Chapters on topics such as – telling stories with the right emotions, branding online or offline, pre-framing, using headlines to build a greater fan base through the best use of words, etc., are indeed powerful and practical. Don’t get what it means? Then start reading the book to find out more! It is going to be highly informative and reflective."
    —Wai Hong Ooi, Regional Finance Lead, European MNC

    "From the moment I started reading the book, I was able to relate to the title of the book – Words indeed have POWER! Not only you will be touched and inspired by Joseph’s words, you will also benefit from his generous sharing on the secret of using WORDS in personal relationships, career, and business settings. If you are wondering what makes a person more successful than others and you want to create your desired success, this book is a GAME CHANGER to show you how to step forward just by changing the words you use on daily basis. You will feel and see the POWER if you follow the simple guides in the book. Highly recommended!" —Janice Chua, Banker, Senior Vice President

  • Joseph Goh is an author, speaker, and social media strategist. Since the age of 21, he has a calling to live to inspire lives, striving to live each day to the fullest by reaching out to individuals and businesses to unleash their full potential. He is the co-founder of Hyper Fame Digital, a performance marketing agency with a team of more than 20 specialists who have helped over a hundred businesses transform the way they are marketing online. Joseph specialises in business development, marketing, coaching, and public speaking with more than 10 years of experience in training professionals, marketing brands, and creating multiple revenue streams for businesses.

ISBN: 9789811825576
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 196
Year Published: 2021
Size: 220mm x 150mm