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Topics On The Nonlinear Dynamics And Acoustics Of Ordered Granular Media

  • Description
  • This research monograph provides a brief overview of the authors' research in the area of ordered granular media over the last decade. The exposition covers one-dimensional homogeneous and dimer chains in great detail incorporating novel analytical tools and experimental results supporting the analytical and numerical studies. The proposed analytical tools have since been successfully implemented in studying two-dimensional dimers, granular dimers on on-site perturbations, solitary waves in Toda lattices to name a few.

    The second part of the monograph dwells on weakly coupled homogeneous granular chains from analytical, numerical and experimental perspective exploring the interesting phenomenon of Landau–Zener tunneling in granular media. The final part of the monograph provides a brief introduction to locally resonant acoustic metamaterials incorporating internal rotators and the resulting energy channeling mechanism in unit-cells and in one- and two-dimensional lattices.

    The monograph provides a comprehensive overview of the research in this interesting domain. However, this exposition is not all exhaustive with regard to equally exciting research by other researchers across the globe, but we provide an exhaustive list of references for the interested readers to further explore in this direction.

ISBN: 9789813221932
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 640
Year Published: 2017