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Three Dishes One Soup: Inside the Singapore Kitchen

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  • It is said that the soul of the home is the kitchen. And indeed, food is often how our loved ones express their care and concern for us, by pampering us with sumptuous homemade meals. In Chinese families, this typically means several side dishes served with a bowl of rice and a soup. But when we try to replicate these beloved dishes ourselves, our attempts sometimes fall short.

    Faced with this situation, Lace Zhang set out to observe and note down every detail as her grandma and auntie cooked, and then tested each recipe rigorously to ensure nothing was left out. Three Dishes One Soup is the result of Lace’s careful recording of her family’s recipes. With detailed explanations and step-by-step photographs, this book is the perfect guide for anyone longing for a taste of home and needing that extra bit of help in the kitchen.

  • “I love books that preserve Chinese culinary traditions and Lace Zhang has given us a beautiful ode to her family’s Singaporean home cooking. You can almost hear Granny and Aunt Alicia murmuring cooking tips in every recipe.”
    —Grace Young, James Beard Award-winning author of Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge

    “The tales and recipes of lost, heritage and street food in the book does not feel like it came from a Gen Y writer. This girl has soul and it resides in the kitchen.”
    —KF Seetoh, CEO, Makansutra

    “So much of what we know and love about food are the memories ingrained in us — the home-cooked meals that we often take for granted but learn to treasure as we grow older. Like Lace, we should all make the effort to archive the knowledge that our parents and our parents’ parents have acquired, so that they may never be lost.”
    —Lennard Yeong, MasterChef Asia finalist

    “Lace Zhang takes us with her into her grandmother’s Singapore kitchen, where the aromas and flavours of traditional family dishes, lovingly prepared, whet our appetites and make us woozy with anticipation. With great love and humour, Lace shares her granny’s lessons on cooking, life and spiritual nourishment. With a collection of enticing recipes from a lifetime of memorable meals, Three Dishes One Soup will leave you sated and inspired.”
    —Tish Boyle, cookbook author and food editor

  • Lace Zhang is an avid baker and home cook. She ran a successful online baking shop that was popularly featured in the media when she was still in school. When not in the kitchen working on recipes or cranking up her overused oven, she can be found reading about food, looking at pictures o food, shopping for groceries or gazing lovingly at the displays in bread shops

ISBN: 9789814794565
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 108
Year Published: 2018